Relationship Builder Kit:
Uncover the Right Contacts Who Can Open the Right Doors


Does networking scare you, leave you with sweaty palms and a nervous stomach? Does it give you a headache to even think about it?

Truth is, most professionals tend to neglect their professional network, except for that once in a blue moon when they need to find another job.  

If they are really good at networking, they might occasionally add someone to their LinkedIn profile and consider that a good effort.  

The reality is that most professionals don’t have the time to spend building a network (unless they’re in sales, that is) and focus on identifying the individuals who can open the right doors to get them hired.

The average number of connections on LinkedIn is 930; and 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.  But what about your “average” career person who has been at the same company for the last 15 years - the person who has not been so diligent about updating their profile and adding connections, much less nurturing those relationships?

Maybe you’re an introvert. Maybe you’ve never had to network to get a job because recruiters have always found you and wanted to hire you.

What if I could demystify the entire process? What if I could give you the scripts you need to build your network effectively -- to uncover the right contacts who can open the right doors so you get hired.

That is exactly why I created the Relationship Builder Kit. I wanted to help professionals just like you go from worrying about how to get themselves in the door, sweaty palms and all, to having those doors opened for them as if by magic, to ultimately getting hired.

When you follow the steps that I outline in this kit, you will learn:
How to identify contacts who can open doors for you
The exact scripts you need to use to get hired
How to make sense of the entire networking process to get hired
Who am I? And what do I do?
An international career coach, published author, and content producer whose mission it is to empower action-oriented job seekers whose confidence has been chiseled, who feel stuck, unconfident, frustrated, and uninspired. Ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves to change their lives – who are looking to go from second-guessing themselves to clarity – from feeling like imposters in a candidate pool to feeling like they are the standard. These goals are possible once you learn how to figure out what picky hiring managers really want and how to answer the most anxiety-ridden job interview questions for you with precision and boldness.
Let me help you take the keys and uncover the right contacts
who can open the right doors to get you into your dream job.
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